Company FAQs

What is Fashion For Globe? What do you do?

Fashion For Globe is a place for artists and designers to showcase their work, sell their conceptual designs to retailers and manufacturers from across the world, and secure freelance commissioned projects. All of our designers work remotely and come to us from all corners of the world. 


Are you an agency?

No we are not an agency. We do not place designers in positions at companies but rather we assign projects to designers that fit their specific skill set, aesthetic, experience and area of expertise. There are multiple ways to work within our site. You can submit design concepts that you are willing to sell to our marketplace for buyers, showcase your portfolio for potential commissioned projects as well as participate in our directed projects as well as our contests and competitions. 


If I submit my designs to the open marketplace does that mean that they become public and other designers can see them?

No, our marketplace is not open to the public but solely to our vetted buyer members. Designers also do not have access to other design member’s portfolio or marketplace submissions. 


What can I submit for sale on the marketplace?

The marketplace is currently open to all types of apparel, accessories, print and textile designs. 


What if I am a graphic designer or digital illustrator?

We welcome all types of artists interested in selling their work for use in the fashion industry. Many of our most talented print designers are graphic designers developing placement prints for t-shirts, apparel and accessories. 


Is this a site I can use to get jobs or showcase my portfolio?

Yes, you can showcase your portfolio on Fashion For Globe but it will only be accessible to our internal database of buyers. In order to protect your work, we do not make any boards submitted to the site available to the public.


Will Fashion For Globe help me price my work?

Fashion For Globe has a set of pricing guidelines within our site to help you set a fair and reasonable price for your work. If you need more direction on pricing you can get in contact with one of our Talent Liaison Specialists to give you some suggestions. However, these are only suggestions and the ultimately decision on pricing is yours.  


What if I have a full time job? Can I still work on your site?

Absolutely, many of our designers are currently employed full time for other companies or have their own private lines and use Fashion For Globe as a source of extra income or as a creative outlet. 


Why do you have a membership approval process?

There are multiple reasons that we have a membership approval process but most importantly it is to protect both our buyers and designers and limit our site to fashion professionals that have the skills, enthusiasm and quality of work to sell work at an industry standard level. 



What do you look for when reviewing me for approval?

We are looking for enthusiastic and talented designers that have the ability to showcase their design skills visually. If you are a conceptual designer we would love to see any combination of fashion illustrations, sketches and technical flats as well as conceptual work such as mood boards, color and trend boards and fabric inspiration. If you are a technical designer please submit photos of your samples, example spec sheets or technical flats. Illustrators can submit fashion illustrations or other art. Graphic designers should submit graphics that could be used for t-shirt graphic design, placement prints or textile design. If you are just starting out in the industry please focus on providing professionally displayed work. You can develop your specific skills but you will increase your perceived value by displayed your work in a professional manner.


What should I submit as my examples?

We recommend submitting any work that you feel best showcases your strongest skills and specialties as a designer. Because our site focuses on selling design concepts, we usually recommend showcasing any illustration skills you have. This can be in the form of fashion illustrations, flat technical drawings, sketches, artwork, digital illustrations etc. Please do not submit photos of yourself as your example submission. You will have the chance to upload a logo or photo of yourself as your profile image but please use the examples to show us your design aesthetic and skill set. 


What if I want to submit more than 3 examples of work?

You will be able to submit more work to your portfolio once you have been approved as a designer. If you currently want to submit more work for approval you can always share a link to your current website or online portfolio when filling out your registration form. 


Are my examples seen to buyers?

Initially your examples will only be seen by our design team and will help us to categorize your skills and areas of expertise. After approval, your example work will be showcased within your portfolio. You will have a chance at any time after approval to edit, re-organize and update your portfolio.

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