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What’s Next For American Apparel?

american_apparel logo

After CEO Don Charney was ousted last month for alleged misconduct, all eyes were on American Apparel this week as it named 4 new board directors and will begin to decide on Charney’s future with the company.


swim week 2014Swim Week 2014

Swimwear in Miami happened last week… check out the runways at

Real Life Feels Right.

bongo campaign

With recent controversy over unachievable standards and the over-use of Photoshop, many brands are getting on board with the “real life”, “real people” marketing trend. Aerie launched their unretouched Real Beauty campaign earlier this year with the tagline “The Real You is Sexy.” Following suit, Vanessa Hudgens rejected retouching her most recent Bongo ad campaign. The most recent retailer to embrace “the real” is Hudson jeans who has vowed to exclude both models and photoshopping from their newest creative campaign.


Jason Frank Rothenberg_somamagazineWill Fashion Calendar help the CFDA streamline NYFW?

The New York show scheduling has become a growing area of concern in the past few seasons. Will the CFDA’s recent acquisition of this industry leader help reduce overlap of significant shows and give fresh young designers a greater chance at being seen?

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FFG Tips: Do’s and Don’t

So you’ve just signed up and you are now officially a Fashion For Globe designer. Now you are ready to upload your first board and get working. Before you get started on your way to becoming the next big thing in undiscovered fashion talent, let’s go over a few general do’s and don’ts for the site:

1. DO upload a profile photo.

No, it wasn’t required in order to complete your profile but it is certainly something we recommend– no one wants to look at that robot avatar forever. Although we do admit it is nice to put a face to the name, your profile photo doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture of yourself. Not comfortable uploading a portrait? Don’t worry a logo or image of your work will also do the trick.

2. DO upload your innovative, inspiring and ORIGINAL work.

Although this was specified in your user agreement, we would like to remind you to post your own original designs for sale on Fashion For Globe. Any work that is published to the Fashion For Globe marketplace will be available for purchase to our buyers and therefore should not be showcased on another portfolio or website. Have great work that you want to showcase through multiple outlets? We absolutely understand and that is why we have created the portfolio option for our designers. This allows you to showcase work that defines your skills as a designer without putting it up for sale.

3.  DON’T knock off other artist’s designs.

Our buyers come to Fashion For Globe to find new work that inspires and excites them. They are looking for the next big seller in fashion. Please don’t knock off other people’s designs and claim them as your own. Original ideas and the ones that sell and we know you are all filled to the brim with creativity. Only post content that you have the rights to and we will all win.

4. DO utilize our guidelines and templates when creating your boards.

Wondering about our board layouts and specifications? Follow this link to more information about our FFG board recommendations and general requirements.

5. DON’T be discouraged if your board doesn’t get approved during the first round.

We have a board approval process to help you sell your work. Before you vow never to sketch again read through our feedback. More often than not a board doesn’t make it through approval because of a simple formatting mistake or category change. We are here to showcase your work in the best way possible. Use us to help take your design boards to the next level.

6. DO follow our Blog and Twitter feed for industry news, trends and updates.

The best way to get your designs sold is to do your research and understand your market. Join the conversation through our Facebook, Twitter and  RSS feeds and stay up-to-date on what to design right now.

7. DO ask questions.

Unclear about something on the site? We are a close knit community at Fashion For Globe and would be happy to answer any questions you have about how to price and categorize your work, better improve your design boards or tailor your content to a more specific market/customer. Reach out at any time to one of our Talent Liaison Specialists at

8. DO start designing.

Ready to start creating and selling your work? Great, get started by logging into your Fashion For Globe account here and posting your first board to the marketplace.

Alright, it’s time to get started. We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.